Saturday, December 29, 2012

Homesite Visit - Week 11

Well played Adam, well played! 

Even though we did not get an update this week from Adam, there was more progress to see!!  We thought for sure nothing happened over the short holiday week.

While we were there, a guy was moving from unit to unit, installing the vents.  At some point the tile guys had been in to install the tile in our master and guest bathrooms.  All that they have to do now is grout it.  Someone also came along and installed the crown molding on the kitchen cabinets which looks AWESOME!

It looks like they started filling in those gaps that looked awful so the trim is really starting to look nice.  Our doors received a coat of paint or two as well! Mike and I also almost missed the fact that we got our AC unit which we didn't even see until we exited out of the garage.  I also noticed that they back filled the area where they poured the sidewalks, so I wonder if that means we are close to getting some sod?

Of course I have saved the absolute best for last....are you ready?  WE GOT WOOD FLOORS!! We were pleasantly surprised to see that they installed all of our wood floors.  It was SO EXCITING to walk in and see them.

Anyway, Mike and I both think they will get the plumbing fixtures in next week and Mike also thinks they will put in lighting fixtures and outlets.  I voted for granite counter tops next week in lieu of electrical outlets and lighting fixtures.  We'll see who gets it right!

Floors in the foyer

Floors in the kitchen next to the cabinets (this is the BEST representation of the color of our floors)

Crown molding on the cabinets installed

Tile in the master bathroom

Guest bathroom tile

Floors in the living room....they look redder right?

AC Unit!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

No news.....

We are at the stage of the building process where Adam will only send us an update on Friday's if something new had happened with our home during the week.  Since they didn't work M-W (I'm assuming the snow we got brought everything to a screeching halt on Wed.) and since Adam didn't email us today, I have a feeling there isn't anything new to see at the house.

Weather permitting we will still head out there tomorrow to confirm this.  I'm not too worried about it at this point because up until now they had been on schedule and I don't think a couple of days will mess them up much.

This is what still has to be done:
  1. Hardwood floors/Carpet
  2. Master/guest bathroom tile
  3. Plumbing fixtures (incl faucets and toilets, etc.)
  4. Light Fixtures
  5. Completed trim - fill in the nail holes, gaps and paint
  6. Master bathroom shower door
  7. Trinity Installations (alarm system mostly)
  8. Door paint
  9. Granite counters in Kitchen
  10. Landscaping (to be honest I'm not even sure they will do this during the winter and its really a total of like 3 bushes, some grass and a tree)
  11. Garage door opener
  12. Appliances

Really when it comes down to it, that's not very much to do is it?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We are LOCKED in!

We were FINALLY able to lock our rate today!  WOOHOO!!

VHDA FHA Plus 30 year fixed rate at 2.875% with 0 points and 1% origination fee.

Can you believe it? 



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!  Just think, this time next year we will be able to spend Christmas in our new homes!

We had a chance to stop by today on our way out to my family Christmas gathering and it seems as though they painted the whole house with its first coat of paint!  We also got a couple of cute shots of Daisy in her new habitat too.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cabinets, trim & Doors! - Homesite Visit Week 9

We visited early today, and there were people EVERYWHERE!!  Right as we pulled up the Fire Marshall was getting out of his truck.  It was probably a random inspection and since there were so many workers in our home, we decided to go do some last minute shopping and have lunch and come back to take more photos later.

Unfortunately when we returned they were still working away, so we went on in anyway and got a few good pics even though it was a total mess in there!  The crew was hard at work.

Just like Adam said, the outside of our home was DONE, which included our little balcony and garage door and front stoop.  We were missing the decoration above our front door, because Adam said it was back ordered and would be installed when it arrived.  Mike keeps joking with me that Adam purposely changed it because I hated the "pineapple" I thought we were getting.  Oh and by the way, that pineapple really turned out to be an artichoke.  Out friends Tara and Boyd pointed that out to us when they visited last week.  Funny right?  AN ARTICHOKE.  Glad we didn't get stuck with it either way.  But I am still maintaining that we were never supposed to get it to begin with.  However, if Adam did change it to appease me, then that's just further confirmation that he is an AWESOME PM!!

Anyway, they were still in the process of installing our kitchen cabinets, as well as the crown molding and baseboards.  The trim around the doors upstairs was done though and much to our surprise they not only installed both bathroom cabinets, but the counter tops and mirrors too!

The trim is nowhere near being completed, but I noticed gabs in between the wood and the drywall.  I know they will come back by and put filler in there but the gaps sure did seem to large for that.  Has anyone else run into this issue?  Should I mention it to Adam?

I thought it was cool that they even put trim around the vent for the dryer.

Window sill!

Little banister

Our cabinets!  Part of the cabinet crown molding was installed and I'm hoping they didn't forget the rest of it!

The worker JUST finished installing this banister

See the huge gap?

Our little driveway full of equipment

Our stoop!

Back of the house with our cute little balcony

Master bathroom cabinets and counter tops.  The guest bathroom has the same style as this.

Trim around the doors.  And of course doors!

A smaller gap :(

Friday, December 21, 2012

Quick Update - Week 9

Alright, it sounds like it has been a BUSY week!  Adam says the outside of the entire row of homes has been completed, to include stoops and sidewalks.  I think this means our cute little balcony might be done too.  Today is when the final survey was scheduled which will allow for the FHA process to begin on our home.  The process takes about 6 week to complete so any delay in the survey today could be a problem.  So fingers crossed it goes well!

Adam also mentioned that trim, doors and cabinets were to be installed today as well!! Exciting news right?  I think it should all be done by the time Mike and I visit tomorrow so we will get to take a ton of new photos!

I was looking at the calendar today and it is just so hard to believe that we will be having our pre settlement walk-through in a little over a month!! 

I will admit that I was in the area for work today and I sort of took the long way home so I could pass by the house on the way home.  So I got a brief glimpse of our siding (and shutters!!!) as I passed by.  Can't wait to see it tomorrow and take more pics.  Of course I will post them when we get home. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Homesite Visit - Week 8

The drywall is up and the crew was working on mudding everything when we visited.  It looks great so far and seems so much more real!  We didn't get siding this week, but that is slated for next week.  We DID have a driveway though!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it.  Its ok, I'll get it next week.

I'm a little frustrated by how messy the drywall people are.  I know there isn't anything that can be done, I mean they've gotta do their job right? 

Adam also told us that we have electricity too, but there are no electrical outlets or fixtures yet so we couldn't test this out.  Still exciting though right?  Two of the other units had garage doors installed so maybe we will get ours next week?  That would be cool.

So next week we are looking forward to having completed drywall, siding and maybe a garage door (my prediction).

Check out the photos I took...

A view from the stairs into the living room and kitchen area.

From the living room into the kitchen

Basement with the heater.

From the kitchen to the living room.

Yucky mess :(

Master bedroom

They cover the vents during the drywall process to prevent dust from getting in and blowing all over the place later.  Its the little things like this that impress me.

One of these on each end of the shower.  I cleaned them up because they were still wet.  I shouldn't have to do this!!

Excited to see our door handle :)

They had a heater going in the basement.  So in order to stay safe, they installed a temporary carbon monoxide detector.

This is the picture Adam sent.  Nothing spectacular EXCEPT the fact that they are loading the drywall through the window of the last unit.  Cool right? I had no idea that's how they did it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


New information just keeps coming in from Ryan Homes and NVR.  I apologize for what feels like the millionth post this week, but I just can't help it! SO MUCH IS HAPPENING!

I decided to write this post to sum up the week for those who haven't caught up yet. :)

  • Earlier this week Adam randomly emailed me to show me PROOF we were NOT getting the pineapple door decoration.
  • He also added blocks between studs so that we could easily mount our TV when we move in.
  • Our insulation was installed
  • Our trinity wiring options were installed
And here are the NEW items that just happened today!

  • Adam surprised me with yet another email telling me that our drywall would be completely installed today. (we weren't expecting this until next week!!)
  • He also emailed us with our pre settlement demonstration appointment!!  We will have our demonstration on January 30th at 10 AM.  WOOHOO!
  • AND our loan officer says we can lock in our rate next week.  (she wants to allow a little buffer in case we get surprised by a little snow)
I am so grateful to have such patient people on our team because I have been bugging the hell out of both Adam and Kay our loan officer this week.

So there are still two outstanding items this week that we are hoping will be completed, the siding and the driveway.  Mike and I will visit on Saturday as usual to get some progress photos.

And for those of you crazy about photos, I'm sorry I have no new house pics BUT here is a picture of our awesome dog, Daisy.  I love her to pieces.

Rumor has it..

So I have it under good authority that drywall will be complete today.  We were so not expecting that!  Can't wait to go and get pictures this weekend!

Also, you will notice that we changed the look of our blog.  This way seems to make it easier to navigate.  Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider....NOT!

You guys know already that our current apartment is a spider hotel.  Well here is proof!  Look at this nasty bugger I found this evening.

Needless to say, I cannot WAIT for our house to be done!  Even if we have spiders there too, at least I'll have a better understanding of where the heck they are coming from. 

Speaking of which I have a picture of the house that is new.  Its of the insulation as well as stacks of drywall that got delivered!  Mike took it when he went to go check out Trinity's installation.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Awesome customer service - LOVE our PM!!

So last week at the pre drywall meeting I casually mentioned to Adam how much I disliked the pineapple ornamentation that will be over the front door. I had assumed that because it was in our house, it was meant for us.  He said that they get switched around all the time and what was in our house might not end up being what is actually installed.  So my hopes were high that the pineapple is not what we would actually get.

Adam, our awesome PM randomly emailed me today to confirm that indeed the pineapple was not destined for our door!! WOOHOO!

I'm lovin' the fact that Adam even remembered and thought to email me about it.  GO ADAM!

He even sent a pic of the plans.  Not sure who got the pineapple though because that other one in the pic is just the oval shape.

Homesite visit - Week 7

Since Mike and I visited our home last Tuesday for our meeting with Trinity and last Thursday for our pre drywall meeting, there wasn't much to see when we visited on Saturday.  We had originally been told that Trinity would be installing this past Friday so we had hoped to get photos of the wiring before insulation went in but they got delayed and won't install until today.  Mike is going to drop by after work and get some photos of the wiring for future reference.

Other than that, we got confirmation that insulation goes in this week which is awesome.  We are also expecting to see siding and possible a driveway as well this week!  And of course like I said in a previous post, drywall is scheduled to go up next week.

I hope to post this weekend with new pictures!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pre Drywall Meeting - DONE!

We had a GREAT pre drywall meeting today!  Yesterday I sent Adam a very short list of questions/concerns so he knew what we were going to being looking for.  He pointed out a lot of key points about the internal structure of our home as well as addressed any concerns we had.  Ill be honest, I was really impressed by the pains Ryan homes goes to in order to ensure our home is as energy efficient as possible!

Anyway, Adam expects the siding and driveway to be completed by the end of next week and also hopes to have the insulation in as well.  If all goes well, the drywall will go up the following week.

I only took two pictures for the blog today because the only changes were the electrical wiring being installed.  I did however take videos of the everything for reference later.  Both pictures are kind of funny, but before you look at those I gotta tell you about the brick layers that were working on the end unit close to us, which got partial brick on the side.  So there was a guy up on risers about 8-9 feet high and then there was a guy in a pickup truck bed full of bricks.  This dude was stacking 3 bricks on top of each other and then tossing them up to the guy on the risers!! Not only did the bricks stay in their neat little stack but the guy in the risers caught them perfectly in a stack!!  I was AMAZED and I am really kicking myself in the rear for not recording it, but they already looked weirded out that we were watching them, haha!

So anyway, here are my pics:

Someone must have needed something to write on STAT so they used our wall. HA!  It says 703-587-0490.

This is in one of the spare bedrooms. "Gonzalez" I got a kick out of this because I have seen something like this before.  I believe one of our other blogger friends has something similar!  Perhaps its just a tradition for framers to leave their mark?  Kinda cool. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wiring is confirmed!

Mike and I met with someone from Trinity today to confirm all of our locations for the wiring.  I'm glad we did (the meeting was optional) because I didn't like some of the locations we had marked on the floorplan once I saw it in person!

Anyway I took a bunch of photos of where everything would be so that we would know what we have behind the drywall.  For example, we got pre-wired 7.1 surround sound in the living room and we know that eventually we will mount our tv to the wall.  Knowing exactly where those studs will be in relation to the speakers will help us visualize the studs when it comes time to hang the mounting hard. 

We also got to see the brick guys in action as they installed our little strip of brick our front.  They were nearly done with ours by the time we left after the meeting.  We also discovered that the plumber already did our roman shower pipes.  Remember earlier this week I talked about requesting higher shower heads because Mike was tall? Well they put them in at 90 inches!!!! Mike measured himself to them and they were way high even for him! He likes them that way, but I worry about the shower heads being too high above the tile.  Im also wondering if that will effect water pressure at all being that high.  All questions for our pre drywall meeting on Thursday!

On another note I have a quick question for my blogger friends.... I was looking at the sub-floor in various places and noticed some instances of gaps between pieces.  Not large gaps but still noticeable to me.  Have you heard of this causing problems later on?  Part of me thinks it could be an issue, but the other part wonders if this would be better than having the sub-floor pieces rub together making noise or even buckling.  What do you think?

Anyway, here are some of the pics I got while Mike was talking surround sound with the guy.

Measuring out the surround sound

Markings for our data/cable hookup and our security panel in the background.

Markings for where the smoke detector and speakers will go on the ceiling as well as the carbon monoxide detector on the wall.  I love how bright the room is right here.  I was worried we wouldn't get enough natural light.

Another speaker and the same smoke detector.  In the background is where our powder room will be.

Token shot of our house, now with brick!

Close up of the brick!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Homesite Visit - Week 6: A very happy birthday

So this was really the first time I've spent my birthday like I would any other day.  In the morning I went to the dentist to get a cavity filled, me and Mike had dinner with my family and we made our regular trip to the house to get some progress photos.  Nothing too exciting right?  It was still a great birthday though because we got to see our home look more like a home!

Anyway, we got some photos of the inside, but like many of you already know, its hard to get good photos in a house that is only framed.  It all looks the same.  They cleaned it up ALOT and started electrical and HVAC.  Like I mentioned the other day, we do have all of our windows and our doors.  Next week I will pay closer attention to make sure none of them are broken..

This is on the 1st floor.  I don't like that there is a hole in wall, however the fact that its painted orange probably means that Adam or Colin spotted it too.

Looking into the living room from the kitchen..

This is the long wall in the kitchen where the fridge, stone and microwave will be.  The ventilation you see is for the microwave.

Mike standing in the master bathroom.

He was looking at this..."Raise shower heads".  It was one of our requests at the pre construction meeting.  He is 6'5" and the shower heads in the model were not tall enough for him!

Our duct work in the attic looks like a spider.

Our walk in closet backing up to the guest bath..

Our door ornamentation.  I hate the pineapple.  Who comes up with these ideas?!