Saturday, December 15, 2012

Homesite Visit - Week 8

The drywall is up and the crew was working on mudding everything when we visited.  It looks great so far and seems so much more real!  We didn't get siding this week, but that is slated for next week.  We DID have a driveway though!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it.  Its ok, I'll get it next week.

I'm a little frustrated by how messy the drywall people are.  I know there isn't anything that can be done, I mean they've gotta do their job right? 

Adam also told us that we have electricity too, but there are no electrical outlets or fixtures yet so we couldn't test this out.  Still exciting though right?  Two of the other units had garage doors installed so maybe we will get ours next week?  That would be cool.

So next week we are looking forward to having completed drywall, siding and maybe a garage door (my prediction).

Check out the photos I took...

A view from the stairs into the living room and kitchen area.

From the living room into the kitchen

Basement with the heater.

From the kitchen to the living room.

Yucky mess :(

Master bedroom

They cover the vents during the drywall process to prevent dust from getting in and blowing all over the place later.  Its the little things like this that impress me.

One of these on each end of the shower.  I cleaned them up because they were still wet.  I shouldn't have to do this!!

Excited to see our door handle :)

They had a heater going in the basement.  So in order to stay safe, they installed a temporary carbon monoxide detector.

This is the picture Adam sent.  Nothing spectacular EXCEPT the fact that they are loading the drywall through the window of the last unit.  Cool right? I had no idea that's how they did it.


  1. The drywall people definitely just sling that mud everywhere. We've got a few windows with globs on them. It bugs me because I'm a little OCD, but they'll have to clean it all up and/or replace anything that's damaged by it so I just leave the mess for them to deal with.

    1. M i totally know what you mean. I couldnt get it all off the shower floor, but i did tell my PM that if its scraped off later and it damages the shower floor i will be checking on that to make sure its replaced. Adam is really good though, so im sure it will be ok.

  2. Cami, the last picture watching the drywall going through the windows is my all time favorite! I caught this picture for other people but missed it for us. They work so fast! As for the mud slings--I went through the entire house and circled them with a black sharpie. I read too many blog stories about feeling those lumps under the flooring after closing, so I took the liberty in marking them myself. Plus at some point they will sand the floors and catch most of them. But you can never be too sure which is why I did what I did.

    1. Nadase i didnt go so far as to circle them but i did email our PM to let him know i was aware of that sometimes they dont get cleaned and just carpeted over and i was not ok with practice. He knows how i am so i know he will take my "suggestion" to heart. I wont rest until its fixed before closing.