Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cabinets, trim & Doors! - Homesite Visit Week 9

We visited early today, and there were people EVERYWHERE!!  Right as we pulled up the Fire Marshall was getting out of his truck.  It was probably a random inspection and since there were so many workers in our home, we decided to go do some last minute shopping and have lunch and come back to take more photos later.

Unfortunately when we returned they were still working away, so we went on in anyway and got a few good pics even though it was a total mess in there!  The crew was hard at work.

Just like Adam said, the outside of our home was DONE, which included our little balcony and garage door and front stoop.  We were missing the decoration above our front door, because Adam said it was back ordered and would be installed when it arrived.  Mike keeps joking with me that Adam purposely changed it because I hated the "pineapple" I thought we were getting.  Oh and by the way, that pineapple really turned out to be an artichoke.  Out friends Tara and Boyd pointed that out to us when they visited last week.  Funny right?  AN ARTICHOKE.  Glad we didn't get stuck with it either way.  But I am still maintaining that we were never supposed to get it to begin with.  However, if Adam did change it to appease me, then that's just further confirmation that he is an AWESOME PM!!

Anyway, they were still in the process of installing our kitchen cabinets, as well as the crown molding and baseboards.  The trim around the doors upstairs was done though and much to our surprise they not only installed both bathroom cabinets, but the counter tops and mirrors too!

The trim is nowhere near being completed, but I noticed gabs in between the wood and the drywall.  I know they will come back by and put filler in there but the gaps sure did seem to large for that.  Has anyone else run into this issue?  Should I mention it to Adam?

I thought it was cool that they even put trim around the vent for the dryer.

Window sill!

Little banister

Our cabinets!  Part of the cabinet crown molding was installed and I'm hoping they didn't forget the rest of it!

The worker JUST finished installing this banister

See the huge gap?

Our little driveway full of equipment

Our stoop!

Back of the house with our cute little balcony

Master bathroom cabinets and counter tops.  The guest bathroom has the same style as this.

Trim around the doors.  And of course doors!

A smaller gap :(


  1. Can you imagine telling people that your house is the one with the artichoke over the front door? It sounded slightly better when we thought it was a pineapple! =)

    We had some areas with fairly large (in my opinion) gaps between the drywall and the trim, but our PM assured us that all the gaps would be filled in and it would look great. I noticed a decent gap between the vinyl flooring and the trim too... like they should have just installed the trim down a little further in the spare bathroom and the mudroom. I'm sure that'll be taken care of too though. I'm a perfectionist so all of the little gaps and imperfections are driving me insane... but I know they'll all be fixed eventually.

    Our crown molding around the tall kitchen cabinet was installed for at least a week before they installed the rest of it. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm sure they'll get the rest of yours installed too.

    The house is looking really good!

  2. I'm a perfectionist too! All these little things are driving me nuts. I've decided to not bring them up with Adam unless they stay that way for more than a week. Its not fair that he hasn't had a chance to even inspect the work and take care of issues without me bringing it up first (since I see it first).

    So I'm going to have to try and be patient.

    1. Yeah, we try not to mention the little things to our PM either. We do mention the big stuff though and in most cases the only reason they haven't been corrected already is because we noticed them and called him before he got a chance to walk through the house.