Saturday, December 29, 2012

Homesite Visit - Week 11

Well played Adam, well played! 

Even though we did not get an update this week from Adam, there was more progress to see!!  We thought for sure nothing happened over the short holiday week.

While we were there, a guy was moving from unit to unit, installing the vents.  At some point the tile guys had been in to install the tile in our master and guest bathrooms.  All that they have to do now is grout it.  Someone also came along and installed the crown molding on the kitchen cabinets which looks AWESOME!

It looks like they started filling in those gaps that looked awful so the trim is really starting to look nice.  Our doors received a coat of paint or two as well! Mike and I also almost missed the fact that we got our AC unit which we didn't even see until we exited out of the garage.  I also noticed that they back filled the area where they poured the sidewalks, so I wonder if that means we are close to getting some sod?

Of course I have saved the absolute best for last....are you ready?  WE GOT WOOD FLOORS!! We were pleasantly surprised to see that they installed all of our wood floors.  It was SO EXCITING to walk in and see them.

Anyway, Mike and I both think they will get the plumbing fixtures in next week and Mike also thinks they will put in lighting fixtures and outlets.  I voted for granite counter tops next week in lieu of electrical outlets and lighting fixtures.  We'll see who gets it right!

Floors in the foyer

Floors in the kitchen next to the cabinets (this is the BEST representation of the color of our floors)

Crown molding on the cabinets installed

Tile in the master bathroom

Guest bathroom tile

Floors in the living room....they look redder right?

AC Unit!!


  1. Yay for hardwood floors!!! It's so hard to get a good picture of the Saddle. It's really a nice, warm brown color... but pictures show too much red for some reason.

    It sounds like they've been fairly busy at your house this week too! The cabinets look great with the crown molding!

  2. Love the floors!We got the saddle also so it is nice to see how they look!

  3. Hi Cami, your house is coming together fast. Don't you just love the floors!! They look terrific with your cabinets!

    btw-- I am in love with my hardwood floors, too!!

    1. Thanks Nadase! I am still not sure about the floors and cabinets together. I'm hoping the countertops tie it all in.

      I loved your floors too :)