Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pre Drywall Meeting - DONE!

We had a GREAT pre drywall meeting today!  Yesterday I sent Adam a very short list of questions/concerns so he knew what we were going to being looking for.  He pointed out a lot of key points about the internal structure of our home as well as addressed any concerns we had.  Ill be honest, I was really impressed by the pains Ryan homes goes to in order to ensure our home is as energy efficient as possible!

Anyway, Adam expects the siding and driveway to be completed by the end of next week and also hopes to have the insulation in as well.  If all goes well, the drywall will go up the following week.

I only took two pictures for the blog today because the only changes were the electrical wiring being installed.  I did however take videos of the everything for reference later.  Both pictures are kind of funny, but before you look at those I gotta tell you about the brick layers that were working on the end unit close to us, which got partial brick on the side.  So there was a guy up on risers about 8-9 feet high and then there was a guy in a pickup truck bed full of bricks.  This dude was stacking 3 bricks on top of each other and then tossing them up to the guy on the risers!! Not only did the bricks stay in their neat little stack but the guy in the risers caught them perfectly in a stack!!  I was AMAZED and I am really kicking myself in the rear for not recording it, but they already looked weirded out that we were watching them, haha!

So anyway, here are my pics:

Someone must have needed something to write on STAT so they used our wall. HA!  It says 703-587-0490.

This is in one of the spare bedrooms. "Gonzalez" I got a kick out of this because I have seen something like this before.  I believe one of our other blogger friends has something similar!  Perhaps its just a tradition for framers to leave their mark?  Kinda cool. :)


  1. We have some caulk wall art on one of our basement walls. It might say Domingo, which seems to mean Sunday, or it might be Dowingo... Who knows what that means! I'm curious to see how long they will leave it there.

    I'm glad your pre-construction meeting went well.

  2. Oh! I think all our framers signed one of our walls, and I'd forgotten all about it! I hope I got a picture of it, I thought it was kind of cool.

    Did you call the phone number to see who it was? :D

    1. I didn't call the number but I did google it. Nothing exciting came up but I know its from Sprint!