Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Homesite visit - Week 7

Since Mike and I visited our home last Tuesday for our meeting with Trinity and last Thursday for our pre drywall meeting, there wasn't much to see when we visited on Saturday.  We had originally been told that Trinity would be installing this past Friday so we had hoped to get photos of the wiring before insulation went in but they got delayed and won't install until today.  Mike is going to drop by after work and get some photos of the wiring for future reference.

Other than that, we got confirmation that insulation goes in this week which is awesome.  We are also expecting to see siding and possible a driveway as well this week!  And of course like I said in a previous post, drywall is scheduled to go up next week.

I hope to post this weekend with new pictures!


  1. Moving right along! I can't wait until we get our driveway... our entire yard is a big mud puddle right now!

  2. Yeah I hear ya. We have a lot of dirt and rocks but no mud puddles! Of course we really don't have much yard either so perhaps it could be worse!