Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wiring is confirmed!

Mike and I met with someone from Trinity today to confirm all of our locations for the wiring.  I'm glad we did (the meeting was optional) because I didn't like some of the locations we had marked on the floorplan once I saw it in person!

Anyway I took a bunch of photos of where everything would be so that we would know what we have behind the drywall.  For example, we got pre-wired 7.1 surround sound in the living room and we know that eventually we will mount our tv to the wall.  Knowing exactly where those studs will be in relation to the speakers will help us visualize the studs when it comes time to hang the mounting hard. 

We also got to see the brick guys in action as they installed our little strip of brick our front.  They were nearly done with ours by the time we left after the meeting.  We also discovered that the plumber already did our roman shower pipes.  Remember earlier this week I talked about requesting higher shower heads because Mike was tall? Well they put them in at 90 inches!!!! Mike measured himself to them and they were way high even for him! He likes them that way, but I worry about the shower heads being too high above the tile.  Im also wondering if that will effect water pressure at all being that high.  All questions for our pre drywall meeting on Thursday!

On another note I have a quick question for my blogger friends.... I was looking at the sub-floor in various places and noticed some instances of gaps between pieces.  Not large gaps but still noticeable to me.  Have you heard of this causing problems later on?  Part of me thinks it could be an issue, but the other part wonders if this would be better than having the sub-floor pieces rub together making noise or even buckling.  What do you think?

Anyway, here are some of the pics I got while Mike was talking surround sound with the guy.

Measuring out the surround sound

Markings for our data/cable hookup and our security panel in the background.

Markings for where the smoke detector and speakers will go on the ceiling as well as the carbon monoxide detector on the wall.  I love how bright the room is right here.  I was worried we wouldn't get enough natural light.

Another speaker and the same smoke detector.  In the background is where our powder room will be.

Token shot of our house, now with brick!

Close up of the brick!


  1. I don't recall any large gaps in the flooring at our house. There were a couple of areas, like at the top of the stairs, that had been filled in but I'm not sure if that was due to gaps or if that is just standard practice.

    I like the brick!

  2. Cami, did not notice any major gaps but I know they do sand the floors down and fill in all holes with an orange insulation at some point throughout the entire house, not just the floors. It looks like they may have already sanded your floors from the look in the pictures. Love the brick!

    1. Our PM went through and spray painted all of the gaps. They are going to fix them before the flooring goes in. Not sure if its a big deal or not but I kind of got the impression that he's fixing them to make me happy. :) He's a smart smart man.

  3. We had (have?) a gap in one of the upstairs closets...we pointed it out at the pre-drywall meeting and as of Saturday it was still there. I mentioned it to him in our phone call Monday, he said he'd get a guy out there to take care of it. He didn't seem to think it was a big deal (it was only about a centimeter at the widest point and maybe 5 inches long?) and he'd originally said that they'd put something under it. I'll be interested to see what actually gets done there, I intend to check before they put the flooring in.