Thursday, December 13, 2012


New information just keeps coming in from Ryan Homes and NVR.  I apologize for what feels like the millionth post this week, but I just can't help it! SO MUCH IS HAPPENING!

I decided to write this post to sum up the week for those who haven't caught up yet. :)

  • Earlier this week Adam randomly emailed me to show me PROOF we were NOT getting the pineapple door decoration.
  • He also added blocks between studs so that we could easily mount our TV when we move in.
  • Our insulation was installed
  • Our trinity wiring options were installed
And here are the NEW items that just happened today!

  • Adam surprised me with yet another email telling me that our drywall would be completely installed today. (we weren't expecting this until next week!!)
  • He also emailed us with our pre settlement demonstration appointment!!  We will have our demonstration on January 30th at 10 AM.  WOOHOO!
  • AND our loan officer says we can lock in our rate next week.  (she wants to allow a little buffer in case we get surprised by a little snow)
I am so grateful to have such patient people on our team because I have been bugging the hell out of both Adam and Kay our loan officer this week.

So there are still two outstanding items this week that we are hoping will be completed, the siding and the driveway.  Mike and I will visit on Saturday as usual to get some progress photos.

And for those of you crazy about photos, I'm sorry I have no new house pics BUT here is a picture of our awesome dog, Daisy.  I love her to pieces.


  1. Daisy is cute!

    We made sure we had a 3-week buffer just in case we have any delays. Hopefully that won't happen for either of us though!

    1. Thanks M! Omg should we leave a bigger time buffer?!

    2. Honestly, I have no idea. We may have been super conservative by leaving 3-weeks or super smart... only time will tell. We just gave our apartment office our 60-day notice to vacate when we probably could have given it 2-3 weeks ago. We just wanted to be covered in case something comes up. One of the other couples in the neighborhood was supposed to settle on November 30th and they still haven't settled so that made us nervous even though we don't know the circumstances that delayed their closing.

  2. She is absolutely adorable! I wish I could take her home with me! too cute!

    We are creating a huge buffer too! I am putting our rental vacate notice in on December 15-February 15 (they require 60 days). With us closing on January 11 this allows me to organize our move without the additional stress and knock on wood, no surprises for closing. I want to do a lot of prepping before we secure the mover. It also helps with unpacking too.

    Congratulations on ALL the nice surprises!! Too exciting, Cami!

    1. Thanks Nadase! I want to create a buffer too but am also worried about our interest rate. We have a VHDA loan which is different than a traditional loan, as it is based off of real estate bonds purchased by the government. The rates for us are not publicly available but the last time I checked with my loan officer (which was last week) it was at 2.875% and that's what it was back when Mike and I signed our application in October. It can only stay that freakishly low for so long right?

    2. While jumping for joy for you!! That rate is ridiculously low--too freaking exciting!!! Actually, our LO told us the rates have been pretty steady. When I first called to lock in the rate he told me even if we waited until the following week which we did, we would be fine and he was right! It did not change and he gave us a few extra days.