Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Awesome customer service - LOVE our PM!!

So last week at the pre drywall meeting I casually mentioned to Adam how much I disliked the pineapple ornamentation that will be over the front door. I had assumed that because it was in our house, it was meant for us.  He said that they get switched around all the time and what was in our house might not end up being what is actually installed.  So my hopes were high that the pineapple is not what we would actually get.

Adam, our awesome PM randomly emailed me today to confirm that indeed the pineapple was not destined for our door!! WOOHOO!

I'm lovin' the fact that Adam even remembered and thought to email me about it.  GO ADAM!

He even sent a pic of the plans.  Not sure who got the pineapple though because that other one in the pic is just the oval shape.

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