Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tile- Decisions, Decisions

Mike and I have been trying to decide on a tile for our kitchen back splash.  We got word last week that Adam WAS indeed able to remove the 4" granite back splash from the wall which is EXCELLENT news.  The problem is, this means that our wall has no protection from splatter and water damage so one of the first DIY projects we have planned is installing tile back there.

Mike has expressed to me (after making him come with me to the tile store) that he doesn't care what we get as long as its easy to maintain.  So the decision is left to me!

Just to refresh your memory, this is what our kitchen looks like (minus the 4" granite piece on the wall).

The picture is a little fuzzy but you get the idea. And here it is a little closer....

There are a lot of dark brown, black and tan colors in the granite.  It has been very difficult finding something that I am happy with, but here is what I have narrowed it down to...

My top choice is this Ivory Beveled Arabesque tile.  (found HERE)  I think having a lighter back splash will bring the lighter colors out in the granite. 

I LOOOOOVE this tile.  They also have it in a grayish tan color found HERE.

I have ordered samples of each to see if the colors work at all. It's a little on the pricey side but I am hoping it goes on sale at some point.  If not, here are my alternatives...

THIS Durango 2x4 Brick - Tumbled Tile

or THIS Glass Subway Tile in the color Khaki, which I also have a sample for.

I am hoping to have all of my samples ready for our walk through on the 30th which is next week!  Mike and I are DYING to see our home in its completed state.  This past weekend was our first weekend not visiting it since the construction process started. It was very hard to stay away!


  1. I like the Arabesque tile and the Durango tile the best.

  2. Thanks M! My only concern is that even the ivory arabesque wont jive with the cabinets. For a hot minute I considered painting my cabinets and glazing them to get the look I want!

    I'm positive the Durango will go. Can't wait to take my samples to the house!