Friday, January 25, 2013

Let the countdown begin!

The cool countdown widgets do not work with the Dynamic layout I have chosen for our blog, so just in case anyone was wondering....

5 DAYS, 0 HOURS, 52 MINUTES & 19 SECONDS until our Pre Settlement Demonstration!!! WOOHOO!

Still no word on when exactly our closing date is.  :(


  1. Yay!!! Less than a week away! =)

    Wow, I'm surprised you still don't have a closing date yet! I hope they give you one soon! It's kind of hard to plan a move without the closing date.

  2. M, I am really freaking out on the inside about this closing. First they said Feb 1, then they said oh wait, nevermind it won't be Feb 1 because we don't have the FHA Condo Approval back, and then our SR and PM said it will be close to the 2nd full week of February which was PERFECT. AND THEN our LP said we have you down for Feb 27 (NOT COOL). Then our SR and PM came back and said that's crazy, we are still looking at the 2nd week of Feb. They are clearly not communicating well. But I think I would believe our SR and PM over NVR, since they are the ones dealing with FHA. I might try to call them to day to see if they have anything new.

    1. When our PM gave us dates for our walk-through and closing his dates were two days behind the dates in the letter that we got from NVR... and the PM was not aware that NVR had moved things up so it's a good idea to call to try to sort it all out.

  3. Yeah I am going to call Monday. That is when SR and PM are expecting the condo approval back.