Friday, January 18, 2013

Closing Date Update

While we still do not have a firm closing date, Lauren did have a chat with Adam about the FHA paperwork and they both expect it to come back on 28 January, which would still have us closing the second full week of February assuming NVR has their share of the work done. Not 27 February like NVR told us.  She said that once that paperwork comes back they will be able to give us a firm closing date.

From now on I am just going to go to Lauren when I have questions about these things.  She and Adam seem to be the most informed of the team of people working with us anyway!

They are awesome and Lauren seems to know how to talk me down from a ledge too which is an added bonus.

I am no longer a Stressasaurus Rex.


  1. Wonderful! Glad you are getting closer to what you need!

  2. LOL Stressasaurus Rex! You're almost there!!