Thursday, January 17, 2013

The left hand is not talking to the right hand!

I can already tell this is going to be a problem.  It's also REALLY stressing me out.

Last month, around Christmas time, Lauren our SR called me to tell me that we had to sign a change order/addendum for our address because Ryan Homes had spelled it incorrectly on our paperwork. (the whole row of homes had to be redone) No big deal. These things happen.  I got it back to her pretty quickly.

Fast forward to today, and just by chance I mentioned the spelling change to our loan processor, Chrissy because she and I were puzzled as to why the FHA paperwork (condo approval) could be delayed.  Well, come to find out this was the first time Chrissy/NVR had heard of this particular addendum because Ryan Homes failed to let them know.  While it is possible this change might have delayed the process, whats more frustrating to me is that NVR had no idea there was even a change!  At this point the FHA process is out of everyone's hands because the government has to do their thing, but I think this address change oversight was completely preventable.

Can you imagine how awful it would have been to show up at closing only to be turned away because the street name in the paperwork was spelled incorrectly?  It would have happened to not only Mike and I, but for all 5 of the other units on that street!!!

Add to that, Chrissy also mentioned that our closing date was now listed as 27 February.  This is SO MUCH later than we had expected!!

Why can't they get their act together and start TALKING TO EACH OTHER?!

**I did call Kay our loan officer in the middle of typing this post to chat with her and she did assure me that if the paperwork comes in early they can turn it around in about two weeks so there is still a chance that we could close earlier than the 27th.  But there is still a great big IF in there because there is no telling WHEN exactly that FHA paperwork comes back.  Kay also said that VHDA is usually OK with extending a rate a couple of days past its expiration so that was a relief to hear.  I certainly hope it doesn't come to that though.

The new semester starts up again so I do hope they finally get it all together.  I am not going to have time to track everything down once I get buried in assignments!!


  1. So sorry your experiencing this! We had issues with a lack of communications between us, RH and NVR for our approval in the beginning of the building process. Our approval is only good until the end of February and we are estimated to close in the middle of march. I'm dreading going through it again!!

    1. This is the first true sign of communication issues. I am hoping that I am only overreacting!

  2. Ugh what a mess! I hope they get it all sorted out and that you can close sooner than the 27th.