Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paint - More overwhelming than building a house

I know for sure that we are going to use Benjamin Moore paint.  For the longest time I had planned to go to Lowes and paint match a BM color with Valspar paint, but my NVR loan officer highly recommended using Benjamin Moore, regardless of the higher price, and here is WHY.  She told me that it is the only paint that she uses, because no matter, what you will only have to use ONE coat of this stuff.  She said it goes on smooth and is very durable.  You really end up paying the same amount of money on the other stuff because you have to apply more than one coat of the anyway.

Well you don't have to tell me twice!

OK, so I just wrote a 42 million word post and got frustrated, so I deleted the whole darn thing because it was all over the place.  Mike saw me do it and he laughed at me. :(

I will stick to the basics.  I want to use Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter on the entire main level.  My plan is for a neutral kitchen/dining area and a gray/spa blue living room.  Revere Pewter could work because it is in the gray category but still has enough neutral gray in it to work in the kitchen/dining area.  It is also known as an EXCELLENT color for open floor plans and transitional spaces.

In some lights it is very gray and in others its more beige.  I wouldn't go so far as to calling it a greige though. The first pic below is of it looking more beige, and the two following pictures is of the same exact color looking more gray.

I am so UNSURE about what to do with my open living space!


  1. It's really nice and neutral and looks like it would work as both a warm and cool tone, depending on the furniture and other decorative pieces you use. Good choice! I am nowhere near where you are in the building process and have already gone to Benjamin Moore to get paint samples to stress over :) My dad told me not to use Lowe's paint brand because it is crap, you will pay more for Benjamin Moore but it is a much better quality.

    1. I agree. I've used various brands from both Home Depot and Lowes, and they all leave something to be desired.

      I want so badly to go to the Benjamin Moore store to get samples, but I get SO overwhelmed in those stores. Its better for me to narrow it down online and then go in and make the decision. I am stressing SO MUCH over this decision that I am seriously considering getting all of our stuff into the house first and THEN decide on paint. I really prefer to paint in an empty house, but you do run the risk of something not turning out right.

  2. The paint color looks really nice!

    I'm too lazy to paint right away... we may do some accent walls eventually though.

  3. I love Benjamin Moore paint colors. That's what we plan to use as well. I'm also going for the grey/neutral color scheme for our kitchen and living area. It's a mozart thing ;)

  4. Cami,

    I fell in love with a paint from Lowes called Brilliant Metals. It has dust particles in it that create the look of wall paper and it's just beautiful. I have been using it for years. I did check out Benjamin Moore but it was for wall paper. I don't plan on painting until after the 10 month inspection. This is totally new for me because I always paint before moving. I love the warmth that paint brings to the space. We only plan to paint the garage and our master bedroom closets because I want a background color behind the closet systems that will be installed. So if there are any nails pops..Ohh well :-)