Friday, January 4, 2013

Quick Update - Two steps forward, one step back?

Adam emailed us today to warn us that our house is in the "messy phase" as they do some finishing work inside.  He didn't want us to be alarmed that it looked like someone was tearing the place apart.  I'm a little worried about how it will look given the fact that he had to warn us first.  EEK!

He mentioned specifically that they had to remove the middle cabinet to install the microwave vent.  It was thoughtful of him to warn us.  It means he is aware of how easily I freak out.  Good customer service right?

He also mentioned that our electrical final materials were installed, which I took to mean our plugs and light switches and he also said that "we received appliances".  I think that means they got delivered but they might not necessarily be installed yet.  Another exciting milestone he mentioned was the fact that the heat was turned on!

Adam said that Lauren our SR will have a key to get in just in case no one was working on our house tomorrow.  I will post an update once we go and get pictures.


  1. We must have been at the "messy phase" yesterday! I posted a picture of what at first look appeared to be paint on the carpet, but that thankfully turned out to be dust from the touch up work.

    Our appliances have been sitting in the kitchen for a while now... but they just installed them today. =)

    And I guess we will be officially locked out now because the locksmith was there putting on the new locks!

    1. I'm hoping it's not as bad as I'm imagining!

      I can't believe how close you are to being done! I guess the new locks are a good indication of that. Maybe it means they expect to be mostly done today?

      Congrats :)

    2. Hi Cami, you have an awesome PM! Adam ROCKS!!

      We went through that messy phase and it was a MESS!! There were several stages where the house was just a MESS!!

      But I was okay with it because I knew they were building our HOME! We only became concerned when the hardwood floors were put down. One day they came to clean the house and ripped up the entire protective floor coverings and different trades were coming through the house. My husband was pissed!! We found a scratch or two on the floor and were are not pleased. My husband put a request in to have them cover the floors and than they changed the locks.