Saturday, January 12, 2013

Homesite Visit - Week 13

Great visit today!  I only took a few photos since you guys have almost seen it all.  The whole row got sod, trees and bushes.  Pretty much everything on the outside is done, with the exception of trim painting and doors.  Door numbers were also installed, which was pretty exciting!

Carpet everywhere was installed.  Its hard to tell how well it goes with the wood floors, but as far as I can tell its a good match.

The refrigerator was installed and working, but still not pushed into place.  Our new range was already delivered which is awesome, but it was sitting in the middle of the dining room.  I suspect this was because they were still working on getting the vent installed for the microwave. 

I was a little bummed when Mike pointed out a piece of trim that had been ripped off the backside of the cabinets on our island, which it seems happened when they were maneuvering the dishwasher.  It was just laying on the floor so I placed it on the counter so no one would step on it and break it.

Our washer and dryer also got installed.   They were just the basic model but I was surprised to see that they had a few more fancy options that I've never seen before. And the garage door opener was in too!  And last but not least our roman shower in the master is complete. 

At this point there are a ton of very small things to do.  There is a little less than 3 weeks before our Pre Settlement Walk-through so I am certain it will all be done by then.  I was planning for this visit to be our last before walk through, but since those things I was worried about haven't been taken care of, I think we will visit one more time next weekend in hopes it will set my mind at ease.  At that time I plan to go through with blue tape to mark anything that we see so that there is less to worry about at walk through.  I REALLY don't want to have to obsess about those things when we get our demonstration so I can focus on learning about my new home.  Hopefully Adam understands this!  

I am a little disappointed to see that a few items that I emailed Adam about two weeks ago, still have not been addressed.  The issues were, paint on the cabinet trim near the dishwasher (it wasn't splatter, it looked like someone didn't realize it wasn't covered when they painted the baseboard trim white) and also the malfunctioning window in the master bedroom.  He never did respond to my email, so I wonder if he never got it...

I know the granite issue is still outstanding while he consults with someone about it.  I stared and stared at it today when we visited, and still just couldn't move on.  I tried to force myself to be OK with it, but it just really bothers me the way it looks.  I'm eager to see what it looks like once it's gone.  I have several samples of tile that I want to stop by with to see if they work with the granite and cabinets.

It looks very real now, right?


Carpet on the stairs heading up to the third floor.

Fancier range with the "warming zone"

Roman Shower complete!

This is a clearer pic but it still doesn't look as bad as it does in person.  The brown outlet makes it worse, lol.


  1. I'm not sure if it'll be the same for your, but they didn't remove any paint until they did the clean up right before our final walk-through. We had some overspray and paint on our cabinet trim and one or two of the cabinet fronts, but it was all gone for our walk-through.

    Yeah... the backsplash probably isn't helped much by the brown outlet. I hope your PM can take care of that for you! What kind of tile were you thinking about doing for the backsplash?

  2. M you're probably right about the paint, I just hate seeing it.

    I was hoping to do either a glass or natural stone subway tile backsplash in a neutral color. I have a few samples that I want to take to the house to see if they work in there.

  3. Wow Cami, you are on the home stretch .... I love all the colors of your exterior. Green is one of my favorite colors! I really hope the granite works for and I am positive it will because you know what you want. And you know I am a huge fan of stone backsplash :-). I plan to us a stone backsplash for the wetbar. Now that I have had some lessons with backsplash it's going to cool picking colors. Is your granite St. Cecilia? The deep gold undertone?

    You really scored with the Roman Shower!!

    1. Thanks Nadase! I wasn't sure about the green on the exterior, but now that I see it, I really like it. The outside colors were something we could not choose so we really lucked out.

      I know our granite is St. Cecilia, but thats all I know. It seems to be on the darker side. I learned from your blog that it comes in light, medium and dark, but Im not sure what each looks like. Our granite was a late change for us and I am VERY happy I made the change, however it has been VERY difficult finding a tile for the back splash that I am happy with! Mostly because that granite is so busy, that I am afraid of making it TOO busy. Your back splash turned out GREAT even though it looked weird in close up pics. Ive learned from that and know I need to STEP BACK when deciding on a tile.

      I hope you post pictures of your wet bar back splash when its done! :)