Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pre Construction Questions

Here are about half of the questions we asked at our meeting.  I can't seem to find the other half. :(

  1. Can we make shower heads in shower higher?
  2. Will we be able to control the fan and light with a light switch?
  3. How many electrical outlets will there be? Where? Will there be one on
    the island?
  4. Will there be a light and ventilation in the attic?
  5. Where will attic access be?
  6. Nails or screws in drywall?
  7. What is between the walls (in between us and the neighbors)
    Will the drywall dust be cleaned up before floors and carpets are
  8. *establish desired communication procedures* how often will we get
  9. Will there be insulation in the garage?
  10. Will the granite overhang be the same as in the model (breakfast bar)
  11. Confirm all walls will be smooth and not textured
  12. Will you install ceiling fans for us if we buy them?
We had more questions, but I had just typed them out and didn't save the document and now I can't find the print out either.  Most of those questions we got online so I'm sure a quick google search will find more.

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