Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pre Construction Meeting and Breaking Ground!

Because I started this blog a little later in the process than most I am going to take you back to this past Monday when we had our pre-construction meeting (10/22/12).  There isn't much to say, except now I am beyond excited!!  We went over all of our selections, Adam our PM explained the whole process and we got some tentative dates on when each stage of the building process is expected to begin.  This was also an opportunity for Mike and I to ask any questions about our new home.  And boy did I have questions!!!

This past weekend I spent a lot of time on my iPad researching questions that I should ask, because to be honest we had no idea what we should need to know other than a few cosmetic things we had wondered about.  I found a ton of useful information on the web from other new home buyers, and was even able to find a few blogs that were Ryan Homes specific that allowed me to learn from what they wished they had done.  All in all I think we did well and came to the table with over 35 questions!  A lot of them were answered through the general process of the meeting, but we had a chance to ask the rest at the end which was really nice.  I don't have my list with me, so I will be sure to post it later when I have the chance.

So TODAY (10/24/12) they are supposed to be breaking ground and they will prepare to have the footers done by Friday, then sometime next week they will do the pipe work and pour the slab and hope to let that dry over the weekend.  Our lumber will arrive the following week on November 5th and if the weather is good, they will begin framing.  Adam said he expects framing to take about a month and hopes to have our pre-drywall meeting the first week of December which will be an AWESOME birthday present for me!

Adam also told us that he hopes to have the pre-settlement meeting/demonstration by the first part of February, assuming nothing crazy happens with the weather.  He also said worse case scenario we would close towards the end of February or the beginning of March, which is still fine since we don't have to be out of the spider cave until March 15th.  He was pretty sure our home would be done by the beginning of February but wanted us to be aware of the paperwork process for FHA loans which tends to take a little longer than the standard type of loan.

I also want to note that crazy me purchased the Farmer's Almanac on my iPad Kindle app just so I could be aware of any weather like issues through the process.  I know I know many of you are probably wondering, "why the heck would this lady believe in that Farmer's Almanac nonsense!?!?."  Well I will tell you why.  Mike and got married last year on October 29th.  A year before that in 2010 we were planning our wedding.  I really wanted a fall wedding and I wanted it to be during the peak times for foliage since it really is beautiful out this way when the leaves begin to turn. SO that is when I turned to the Almanac to find out when those times would be.  They are good for some things you know....

Anyway, while I was perusing the Almanac, I discovered that they had predicted a little bit of a snow squall during a 4 day time period at the end of October 2011.  So here we were, about a year out from our wedding, and I was reading about snow on the day we had chosen.  My reaction? "pppffffftt snow in October?!?! What could they possible know about the weather a whole year in advance?!"  Needless to say it definitely snowed on my outdoor wedding on October 29th, 2011.  Sigh.  So now I think it is only fitting that I consult the Almanac on the weather situation this winter right?

The Almanac states that while we will have a colder than normal winter, we could possibly have a snowstorm December 12-15 and big one the middle of February and another in March.  So really I think it's looking pretty good for us, as long as Adam can make sure we have a roof by December.  And just for a cheap laugh, the Almanac usually writes about the year in review and boasts about the predictions they got right in the last edition.  Our wedding day got a little shout out....

Funny right? Ok moving on, I hope to have more pictures from this point on as they begin to build our awesome Mozart, but until then, here is a photo I took of our "sold" sign when we signed the contract back on September 30th.

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  1. First of congratulations to you and Mr. Kotwicki on the new home. I think you should of named the blog "Future place where Rob will turn Daisy into a Filipino Dish."