Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post Holiday Post

Happy New Year!

This holiday season in particular was VERY busy for me.  At the beginning of December I FINALLY finished my bachelor's degree with the University of Virginia.  PHEW!  I turned 31 on December 1st and have pretty much been going to school since I was 20.  Eleven years for a bachelor's is a bit insane.  Of course it wasn't all with UVa, I started at Northern Virginia Community College,  went to West Virginia University for a year and then back to NVCC and once my associates was complete, I began the BIS program with UVa.  The program is three years long as long as you take 2 classes per semester, for all three semesters a year.  It then culminates in a capstone research project which has been described by the faculty as a mini dissertation.  The research process lasts for two semesters, one of which was mostly independent study and writing time.  I can say it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but its done!  I walk in May, but I think my diploma will be sent before that.  For Christmas I got a frame for it.  Apparently UVa's diplomas are one of the biggest in the country.

Anyway, pair all of that with Thanksgiving, Christmas and making up time at work, it was a really hectic holiday season.  I am very happy its over and life can return to normal.  I didn't waste any time getting back to decorating and creating either!

I have so many things on my to-do list that I really don't know where to begin which often prevents me from doing anything at all!  I found an awesome pin on pinterest that I absolutely HAD to recreate.  Unfortunately it was a Christmas decoration and I just now finished it on Friday.  Oh well it will be ready to go for next year!

I also have renewed my interest in make-up (it is a form of art you know) and decided that I needed a vanity.  Since we have limited funds right now, I decided to create one from random IKEA parts.  There are several pins on Pinterest that I used as inspiration.  I chose a shelf from IKEA and found some legs there intended for a line of desktops they carry.  I already had two awesome lights from there that I was going to use as our nightstand lights but I felt they worked with the vanity a little better.  I had the chair from IKEA because I had initially wanted to use it for my sewing table but my existing office chair worked better with it, so I had this chair just sitting around.  It works perfecting with the vanity.  And then I purchased the mirror while I was picking up the other parts.  I like the shelf that I chose because the glass allows me to view all of my makeup without having to dig through a drawer.  Keep in mind that pretty much NONE of my makeup is pictured here.  I ordered some cheap trays that have yet to arrive so once I get it all organized I will post another pic.

Next, I finally decided on a comforter set for our bedroom.  Its taken me over a year to pic something (thats permanent) because I have learned the hard way that I need a comforter that is at least 110" wide because our bed is very high and our mattress is thick so everything I've purchased was simply too short!  I am SO HAPPY with the way this turned out!  Please imagine a third euro sham in the gaping hole at the back.  I totally forgot to order three during the initial order so its on its way.

I am going to head out to Lowes after posting this to find some swathes for paint.  I want something dark and bold so that the bed and our other white furniture really pops.  It will probably end up being that golden yellow color or a warm grey color.

And of course my blog post wouldn't be complete without a token Daisy picture.  She is passed out in this one.  Oh to be a Daisy dog.

Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season!  And I also wish you the best of new year's. :)


  1. I love your vanity! I'm in the process of finding ideas to put one together, might just have to steal yours! Do you make your crafts with a cricut? I just got one for Christmas and I am dying to do some diy things with it. If you do which cartridge do you have that you made the jingle all the way? I love that font and am looking for cursive cartridge fonts I like.

    1. Thank you! I used to have a Cricut but I got rid of it because it didnt give me the flexibility that my silhouette does. I dont need cartridges or anything and I can cut any font I cant find as well as any shape I can dream up. I looove it! As for jingle all the way, I purchased the cut file but the designer's name is escaping me. If you google it, I bet it'll come right up.

  2. I just got a cricut and I'm finding it's quite expensive to have to buy so many cartridges!! Thanks though!!