Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A positive post

Okay, so you've already seen a few of my projects , but I thought I would post a few pics of a few other things I have been up to. Im writing this post from my phone, and I cant quite figure out photo captions so hopefully this all makes sense.

So this is a project I am stilI playing around with. I messed up the sizing of the decal here but you get the drift. Note that the design matches the curtain panel I made. Cool right?

Next we have a decal that I created for my neighbor based on an idea she found on Pinterest. Ill post pictures of the finished project once she installs the decal.

Next up is a cool decal I made for our front door.  Someone that lives behind me has something similar amd HOA hasnt dinged her for it, so Im going to take the chance. The good news is, its just a sticker so it can easily be removed.

Then we have our poor guest bath. Not much progress but I did hang full length curtain panels as a shower curtain and got some coordinating towels. The plan is to paint the walls gray with a yellow pop of color on that back wall behind the curtians.

And lastly are a few photos of our trip on the Eagle Train this past weekend in Romney, WV. Such a beautiful ride. And a very rare photo of Mike and I. Ive lost about 40 lbs since June, so I thought it was high time we got some updated photos of us.  Otherwise, Im usually the one taking all the photos.

Well, thats all I got for now. Ive got SO MANY more ideas, so once they are tangible I will definitely post updates. I can say that I see glass etching in my future!!


  1. Love the decals. I want to buy a few for the house but they are either the wrong shape/size or I just can't seem to find them in a font that I like... and they can be crazy expensive too. =(

    1. M I will let you know when my Etsy shop goes live. I can custome make decals easily. Or you can email me at cami.kotwicki@gmail.com with your budget and requirements and I can try to create something for you. My rates are totally reasonable.

  2. Your bath needs some more color, Cami. However, I know you can make it more fabulous in the next days. Did you also placed some decals on the bathroom? I can imagine some quotes which might be appropriate there. Hehe! Just kidding! How are you? :)

    Essie Reed @ ValleyHomeImprovement.com

    1. Yes Essie, I am aware that the bathroom needs paint, but given the fact that this is one of the rooms that needs substantial drywall work during our 12 month drywall inspection, it doesn't make sense to paint until after that point.