Monday, April 15, 2013

Serious plumbing issue

UPDATE: The plumber was here for about three hours.  Turns out there was gravel in the drain pipe beyond our house.  It required a powered snake and pipe cam to find the issue.  Our powder room was a MESS when he was done.  Unfortunately he damaged our toilet seat and the door jam, but Adam saved the day with a replacement toilet seat as well as a couple of guys to repair the damage.  So glad Adam believed me when I called to explain what was going on.  The good ol Ryan Homes customer service folks didn't believe me and thought I was merely putting in a ticket for a clogged toilet!  Kudos to Adam!

Do you guys remember this picture?  That is the drain pipe for our powder room. It was laid wrong initially and they had to come back and tear it up all the way beneath the slab and redo it.
Well now our powder room toilet won't flush correctly and overfills and the plumber (provided by Ryan Homes) thinks the way the drain was fixed might be why.

Either way its a bigger problem than he thought and is now ripping out the toilet to try to snake it that way.

Definitely not a good Monday!


  1. Oh no! Not a good way to start the week. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

  2. Oh no! I hope it's not too difficult to fix!

  3. So far, they have managed to track the blockage to a place PAST house. Our plumber thinks its not something Mike and I did. He is working out in the garage now using the sewage access hatch and is going to try to use is machinery to take care of it.

    Thank goodness it doesnt seem to be something Mike and I did! When I contacted Ryan Homes about it, they treated me like I was just some person who didn't know how to use a plunger!

    1. Oh no! I hope everything is fixed as soon as possible!

  4. OMG, glad I remembered reading this post. I moved into a Ryan Homes Matisse model nearly 90 days ago. The home was the model so I didn't experience the same step-by-step build process.

    Fast forward, the toilet in my master bathroom overflowed this weekend and caused 5 different leaks in my kitchen ceiling--the damage looks bad. I just got off the phone with Ryan and they made it seem like the incidence could have been my fault when I know it CAN'T be! He said if the plumber determines the overflow was my fault I'll have to pay for the damages.

    I'm hoping I'm as lucky as you and no one tried to pass the buck and finds the problem. My ceiling looks a mess and my hardwood floors were damaged too!

    Thank YOU for this post!

  5. Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems. It's unfortunate that other things have already been laid down before the issue was resolved, thus causing the damage to your powder room and even more plumbing troubles. Your situation truly highlights the importance of proper installation. I hope everything has been resolved by now.