Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So so much going on!

Today we finished the last of our appointments for our 30 day post settlement walk through.  Not much had to be fixed really, but some of those were pretty major.

We've had a lot of difficulty with our roman shower.  One of the doors fell off and had never been right since.  Adam brought the shower door guy by yesterday, and he said that it was because our walls were 1/8th an inch closer together at the top than at the bottom.  WELL DAMN!  So at this point I've given up with having an acceptable shower.  Mike and I plan to save up and have it ripped out and replaced with something acceptable.  I am really tired of going back and forth with Ryan Homes about it.

We also had some pretty serious drywall seams in our living room ceiling.  We were scheduled to have them fixed this week, but we simply didn't want to be inconvenienced for 2+ days while they cut them out and redid the bad pieces.  I can't even imagine how much dust that would produce!  Mike is on spring break this week and I really didn't want to take up most of it so they could make all of those repairs.  It would mean he and Daisy would be sequestered to the basement for two days.

On the plus side though, in preparation for those repairs, we did get around to clearing out the basement this weekend! We can finally see the floors!

So while our house isn't PERFECT, it is still ours right?  We also mostly finished the kitchen back splash.  Boy was that a fiasco!!  We still have to put the extensions on the electrical outlets and switches but the tile part is done at least.

Also, I am not sure if I posted this already, but we got our dining room mostly together too!  Like I said, we've been busy!

I love love love our dining room!  See that rug? It is THE MOST soft, cozy plush rug I have ever stepped foot on.  We got it from

I am hoping to post our master bedroom and office soon!

Hope everyone is doing well!  

UPDATE:  Here is a picture for "C" showing what greeted us behind the trim they installed at the breakfast bar to hide the shims for the granite once the 4" back splash was removed per our request.  Apparently they fixed everything visible but left everything the trim covered as is.  I call that LAZY!  It was very difficult to fix, which caused the tile in this area to not lay right.  We did what we could. :(



  1. Wow, awesome backsplash; it turned out great! When you took the 4" granite backsplash they installed off, how bad were the walls? I want to do a backsplash after closing and am wondering if I should have the leave that extra piece off...

    Love the dining room too! If that's a new table, do you mind sharing where you purchased? I'm looking for a morning room table.

    Ugh, sorry to hear about the issues with the shower door and drywall seams.

  2. I actually asked them to take it off once I saw it installed which was about a month and a hal before walkthrough. I didn't like the way it looked. Come to find out they only fixed the visible part of the wall and covered the rest up with trim. I was PISSED. Apparently ripping it out did a lot of damage, so if its not too late for you, just ask them not to install it. If they have already installed it, see if they will remove it for you and just make sure they fix the walls RIGHT! It will certainly save you a helluva headache. I will post a picture of what was behind that trim so you can see.

    The entire dining room set is from World Market. We got it during their semi annual furniture sale. It is called the Verona and the color is mahogany. They also have it in black. Its a nice sturdy table for sure! But the chairs were a pain in the arse to assemble because we didn't get all of the parts in the box!! The end chairs are called Suzani Hayden. Everything was totally worth the headache though.

  3. Love the dinning room set! Is it from world market?? I need to take a trip out there with a uhaul when we move in to our house! Love the black splash too! I'm obsessed with that modern grey!

  4. Wowee, the backsplash is AMAZING, I have the same granite, but hubby wanted to keep up the granite backsplash he says he likes the look with BOTH, oh we will see...

    Cami, is your ceilings textured or smooth?

    I went through crap for 12 days with them trying to repair my ceilings!! Seams are very tough to hide! Took many tries and people here all the time!! I hope yours goes better, in the end they are all corrected though!

    I am so sorry about your shower, but maybe don't give up, I know the feeling of being tired of fighting!! What else can they do to make it right?

    1. Thank you!!

      To be honest, I am getting the impression from "Ryan Homes" (Adam) that there is nothing else wrong with the shower door and therefore nothing else they can do. So I say screw it, and I will make note of that in the survey which I have not filled out yet. Mike put a level to the whole thing today and its clearly WAY off. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but apparently Ryan Homes wants no part of it. Oh well. I think the only way they would be able to fix it is to rip the whole darn thing out and reinstall? I have no idea how much that would damage our tile. It seems like it would be an involved process.

      Our ceilings are smooth. Those seams scream at me, but I really don't want to get sick like I did when we first moved in. Its just not worth it.

    2. I hear smooth ceilings are easier to fix, so that is good.

      I say fight for the shower, but that's

      If not make sure you write that in your survey and I guarantee you they will come back and ask what they can do for you? There is a very large blank box in the survey you can free type in as much as you want and whatever you want!!

      They kinda did that with our sump pump being noisy, so it took i think 5x to get it right, but sure enough in the end it is quiet now.......Hmmm amazing right?

  5. It looks great! Love the backsplash and dining room table.

  6. Cami, thank you so much for posting that pic and the advice on the backsplash- it's definietly not too late for me (my groundbreaking is set for this Monday) and I will be asking them to leave the granite backsplash off! Yes, you've saved a huge headache and your advice is very much appreciated :)

    1. Also, thank you for the info on the dining room table - may have to go to World Market to check it out...

  7. Hi,

    I was just wondering what you have on your double morning room door. We've elected to go with that type of door versus the morning room and I thought we could just leave window treatments off of it but now I'm reconsidering! That rug is big enough that your chairs wont be off of it when you pull out the chairs and that's what we're looking for too. It looks so comfy!


    1. We don't have a morning room. We built a Mozart. It's a small townhouse.