Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 Days In

Okay, well we are not nearly as unpacked as I would like to be.  I was sick for a full week, including during move day and to be honest, I simply didn't want to do anything.  Now that I am on the mend, things are starting to pick up!  I am hoping to be completely done but this weekend.  Fingers crossed.

I am actually really surprised with how many issues we have found with this house.  Don't get me wrong.  I love this place, but I was expecting less urgent issues than what we've come across.

Issue #1 - Roman Shower.  The shower pan is beginning to separate from the tile, creating a crack in the caulk.  This in turn has allowed water to get into the crack and out onto our bathroom floor.  We can't let this go for long because obviously it could cause serious water damage as well as mold.  Adam is on it, we just have to find a time where either Mike and I are home to let the workers in.

Issue #2 - Kitchen Sink.  Just found this one tonight by chance when I was looking for the trash bags.  Apparently we have a leak in the pipe on the non disposal side of the sink.  We've been here for 10 days so you can imagine what it looks like under there.  It has ruined the inside of the cabinet.  So pissed about this.  If I had known I needed to check all the plumbing that closely before we moved in, I would have.  For those of you still in the building process, please make sure you check for leaks under all of your sinks!  Adam says it can be fixed too, but Im skeptical about how the cabinet will look. 

Issue #3 - Drywall.  This one isn't as serious because it won't cause permanent damage, but O.M.G. why can I see every single seam on the ceiling?!?!  Anywhere that is bigger than a single sheet of drywall, there are seams.  Seams. Seams. Seams.  Everywhere.  You can REALLY see them at night. (you were right M). 

On a happier note, we finally decided on a tile for the kitchen back splash.  It is a little unconventional, and we have been met with some skepticism but I am positive it will be GREAT.  Our order comes in on Thursday and we hope to start the project the weekend after next.

What do you think?

And since I know everyone loves pictures, here is Daisy enjoying her new roost.  She loves the arm of our new couch so she can look out the window.


  1. I like the backsplash. I still haven't decided on the tile. Hopefully, once my granite is in, I can start playing around with some options.

    Usually when you have an inspector come in during your final walkthrough they turn all the faucets on and let them run for a while, simultaneously .

  2. That sucks about the shower and the leak at the kitchen sink. I hope things can be fixed to your satisfaction without much trouble. I hear you about the drywall... give it a couple more weeks and you may see even more issues. We had a few spots where we saw seams, but most of our issues were nail/screw pops. Hopefully they'll take care of the seams too.

    I can't wait to see how the backsplash looks once it's complete.

    1. I am really surprised I don't see more nail pops. There are maybe three. I'm sure they will fix the seams, I just have to decide if its worth the headache!

  3. Ugh, so sorry you have to go through that. Hopefully it is all a quick fix. I will definitely be checking the plumbing now! I know in our current Ryan townhome (which is 16 years old) we have had LOTS of plumbing issues. BTW, LOVE your dog!!

  4. Cami

    Oh girl I know your pain!! Someone has been in my home atleast once a week for the last 50 days...and still going...it takes up all of my time off, and I am sooo sick of it!!

    Seams? Oh yes Seams, so bad that tomorrow they are coming out to re texturize the master ceiling and ceiling downstairs,what a pain in the ass! I swear they could re drywall my entire house...I cant imagine what is going to happen in the summer when the house heats up...

    My 10 month will be a monsterous undertaking...

    Everyday something else pops up...and a phone call is made!

    BTW my kitchen sink leaked also, but I caught it on 2nd day or so...

    My basement has flooded, sump pump not working, no water one day,....oh it goes on...!

    Right now I would say I would not build another RH home.

  5. I am with M! That sucks! I mean REALLY!!

    Cami, it seems to me they need to replace the cabinet once they repair the water damage!

    Can't wait to see the backsplash installed! Hope you are feeling better soon!!