Monday, February 11, 2013

UPDATED: While we're patiently waiting...

...for an update from the branch manager today, I figured I would mention AGAIN how awesome our PM and SR are.

Lauren our SR was working our issue even on her days off last week which is going above and beyond if you ask me.

Adam our PM, politely agreed to fix all of the stuff we taped in our home this weekend even though I'm sure he walked into our house today and felt like screaming.  We used so much blue painters tape it looked like a smurf exploded.

On top of that I know our NVR team is working diligently to try their hardest to get us to closing this week, so a big shout out to them too!

I am hopeful I will have good news about our closing date being scheduled for this Friday like it was supposed to be and like we desperately need it to be for everything to work out logistically.

I REALLY also want to be able update our countdown widget to reflect the TIME of closing too because right now its just to some random time, because its driving me nuts know its not correct. :P

UPDATE: Okay, she called and she still hasn't heard anything.  She says we will not be closing on Friday.  She said next Tuesday seems possible but she couldn't even confirm that date either.  I am so tired of this, so much so that its becoming very hard to get excited about our new home.  I know I've said this before, but it just keeps getting WORSE!  

All of this BS would have only been OK if we were to close on the 15th because at least I would know that they truly HEARD me and understood how valuable our time is.  Because really when it comes down to it, we are customers.  Right now, we are extremely unhappy customers. 

So at this point, this means that we won't be painting our home, we won't be installing our back splash, we won't be sealing our grout or counters until after we've moved in.  Realistically speaking it means half of that stuff won't ever happen.  Its going to take so much extra work and effort and time to make our house a home and I'm pissed because NVR led us on for so damn long.  I regret believing in them and believing they could work this out for us.


  1. Good luck! I've got my fingers crossed!

  2. GOod luck on closing - we're still waiting to hear back ourselves.

    Too funny about the smurf exploding - that's the same thing my husband keeps saying about the blue tape!!

    1. It seems only fitting that since we are closing around the same time that we have the same sense of humor too! I hope you hear about your closing soon as well! I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for this to be over so we can move in and make our house a home!

    2. I'm so sorry about your update - that's terrible. I am quite sure that we will be in the same boat (although we don't have to install a backsplash or paint, and I know how inconvenient that will be to do after you're all moved in) and we will be closing sometime next week. I'm not calling anyone because no one is going to tell me good news. I feel kinda duped by NVR too - we asked them on the 24th for lists of the paperwork we needed to resubmit to them, and it took them a week to get it to us. Why should we have been the ones to be on top of this? Shouldn't this be part of their job, to ensure that the closing paperwork would be submitted in enough time to actually meet the pre-determined closing date? Seems rather straightforward to me.

    3. I know exactly what you are saying. They should be able to build in time for delays just like the builder can! I guess Mike and I are fortunate that we really haven't had an issue with paperwork yet. Maybe that's next? lol

  3. Fingers crossed to both of you! I understand all to well. We were suppose to close on a FRIDAY and closed on the original date our PM forecasted which was a Tuesday.