Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Upswing..

After much discussion today with our LO and LP, I wasn't able to get any additional information, and I kind of feel like they were unapologetic for what they put us through the past few weeks.  I understand that there wasn't much they could do since the process was dependent on something external to NVR, but the point I was trying to make was that the confusing information and lack of communication exhibited was what ended up flipping my crazy switch, which was totally avoidable. I think what frustrated me the most this week, was that they just kept repeating the same information about not having control over the appraiser as if I didn't already know that. And they failed to call me back with the update the next day as promised.

At some point in the day today the branch manager got involved and called me later in the afternoon. While she basically told me the same thing our LO and LP had been saying, she seemed to actually CARE about how this situation came about and seemed generally interested in making us have a more positive experience with NVR. She is going to try to find out when exactly the appraiser plans to submit his report and once she has that info, she hopes to be able to nail down a closing date for us.  She plans to give me a call or email me late tomorrow.  I remain hopeful that they are still able to get us to closing on the 15th.  Yes, this is because it is most convenient for us given our work schedule after that week (for me it gets REALLY hectic) but also because Mike went through the trouble of getting special approvals for his leave on that day.  You will recall I mentioned in an earlier post that because the 15th is a working day before a holiday (President's Day), teachers in the county have to get special approvals from the assistant principal. Thankfully, he found out today that his leave was approved! I just hope it wasn't a wasted effort on his part and that we will be able to use his existing leave request vs. starting the process over again for a new day.

So that's all the info I have right now, but I do hope to have good news to report tomorrow.  Maybe then we will be able to finally relax and actually enjoy the prospect of being brand new homeowners!


  1. I'm glad that someone finally seems to care even if there isn't much that they can do right now. Hopefully you'll have more information tomorrow. I've got my fingers crossed for you!

    1. Thanks M! We need all the positive vibes we can get!