Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pre-Settlement Demonstration

I am just so impressed.  The walk through went off without a hitch.  No huge issues were spotted, just a few touch ups needed here and there.  Got a bunch of photos too.  I took my tile samples along as well and was able to narrow it down to two colors, but the SIZE is yet to be determined.  Maybe my followers can give their opinions on that.

Anyway, like I said before just some touch ups needed.  I didn't say anything about the guest bathrooms listello and towel bar because really when it comes down to it, its the guest bath, I won't be in there much and we will have a shower curtain up and you won't even see it.  We didn't really go out of our way to look for any mistakes but did point them out if we saw them, and Adam even caught a few we didn't see, so it was nice to see that he was TOTALLY on it.

I am really excited about our appliances.  Adam ran our dishwasher thru a cycle and you could BARELY hear it! I did mention how other's were having issues with getting theirs to completely dry their dishes and he said yes that is normal because it is really a Energy Star certified piece of machinery.  He told me that if we use a drying solution it would REALLY help with that, so we will have to pick up some jet dry once we move in.  Hopefully for those of you having issues with your dishwasher can try that out too.

We learned more about our range too!  It heats up SUPER fast and also has convection baking!  Very excited about that feature.  And of course we learned more about our water heater (R2 D2).  Very cool piece of equipment in our utility closet!

Ok so lets start with the tile.  So we really LOVED the arabesque kind but its simply not going to work with our space.  Perhaps if we had more wall to work with it would have been fine, but its a really small area to work with so we felt it was just over powering.  The arabesque tile is about 5 inches high so its a pretty big tile.  We are deciding between the khaki subway tile, which is also available in mini subway tile too so that it part of the decision we had to make.  There is also a frosted Vanilla Bean color we got which we also like.  It is also in the mini size.  My plan is to order a square foot of all three (regular subway tile - Khaki, Mini Subway tile - Khaki, and Frosted Vanilla Bean Mini subway tile) and I think that will help us decide.  For now though, I have pictures of the frosted Vanilla Bean mini (just one tile) and the khaki subway tile.  Let me know what your thoughts are...

This is the regular size glass subway tile.  It is also available in mini, which might make it easier to install in this sink area...

This is the glass frosted version in mini.  I really think purchasing a single sq foot will help visualize better.

Another thing that I am TOTALLY relieved about is the granite and cabinets colors together.  For some reason in previous photos, the cabinets were WAY orange.  These new photos are a better representation of the color and the granite looks just fine with them.  CRISIS AVERTED! I won't have to paint the cabinets after all.

And last but not least, all of the photos I took!

Master bedroom

Window in master bath

Double vanity in master bath

Roman shower in master bath

Master closet

A view down the hall from the master bedroom

Guest bath, including towel bar

Vanity in guest bath

Linen closet in guest bathroom.

Our little laundry room.  The plan is to add more shelving above or possibly some cabinets.

View from the stairs into the living room

more of the living room.  I love our floors!

A fuzzy pic of the landing to go upstairs.

Full view of the completed kitchen

Our little pantry.  We will probably replace the wire shelves with solid wood ones.  Another project on our DIY to-do list.

Another view of the kitchen

Kitchen and living room

Living room from the dining area.

That door on the right is the finished powder room

Stairs going down to the first floor

View of the foyer from the stairs

Our little family room.  This will be Mike's man cave.

Huge closet by the garage door.

Stairs and foyer from the garage/closet area.  To the right is the utility room and the door between the stairs and the front door is a roughed in powder room which will serve as a closet until we can finish it.


  1. The house looks great!

    It's sounding like I'm just going to have to deal with air drying my dishes since I'm already using a drying agent. I think the type of dishes that we have is adding to the non-drying issue though, so we are looking at possibly replacing the dishes too. The dishwasher is super quiet though and it does get the dishes clean!

    I love your closet by the garage!!! There's a ton of room in there for coats/shoes... and enough room for a bench too.

    The man cave is cute! lol

    1. Thanks M! I was really hoping the drying agent could be an effection solution to the dish drying issue. :(

      I am stoked about the big ol closet near the garage. I was thinking about doing a total storage solution in there and do several levels of shelving and was hoping to also get an electrical outlet installed in there so we can plug in our little rechargeable vacuum and mount it to the wall. Of course that little project will be added to the seemingly never ending list of to-do's we have!

  2. I really like your model mozart. I think the layout is perfect! I also really love your selections! I can't wait until we can see all our options come together!

  3. It looks great! I would have to say I like the lighter frosted subway tile better than the khaki, in the picture it looks too similar to the granite, and the lighter color will make it pop! You're almost at the finish line!