Thursday, January 31, 2013


Our FHA Approval came in this morning! I am so FREAKIN excited!  Our SR said that our closing is penciled in for 15 February, but she wants to double check with our LO and LP at NVR to make sure it jives with them.

Too bad neither of those people are answering their phones!!

UPDATE: Looks like our SR has been talking to NVR.  I think she is working out a time on 15 February.  I told her the earlier the better because I have work obligations that day and won't be able to take a full day off.  Of course I have back-ups but that is a absolute last resort!

Now all they have to do is submit everything to underwriting for final approval.  I suspect our LP will be contacting us soon for updated paystubs.

Did I mention that our SR is off today and tomorrow? And she is still working this out for us!  I'm telling you, Lauren is AWESOME!


  1. Yay!!! I hope the underwriting process goes smoothly!