Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Will the 19th be the day?

So for a couple of days now, I have consistently heard the 19th as being our closing day.  Although, even with all of the talk they still can't actually CONFIRM that day until our file comes out of underwriting.  The branch manager is visiting PA for meetings today where all of the underwriting occurs and she hopes to speak directly with the person working on our file in hopes of getting an idea of WHEN exactly that will happen.  Once she can pinpoint when we get our final approval, she will be able to confirm for us if the 19th is even possible.

So today, Mike is cancelling his original leave request for the 15th and submitting a new one for Tuesday.  It has to go through the special process again since it is the day AFTER a holiday.  I hope it gets approved because I have no idea what were going to do if it doesn't!

The 19th is pretty much THE LAST possible day we can close before work and school EXPLODES for me.  I will have a hard time finding free time to schedule a closing after that day.

Anyway, the branch manager plans to call me sometime today to give me another update.


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    1. No update yet. She usually calls around this time...

  2. Hi Cami, did you get an update today? You are definitely going to get your approval--you did not come this far to GIVE UP! And honestly, if they were going to reject your application they would have done so by now. They are just getting all the paperwork in order to give you your final approval. The same thing happened to us:

    Our story (the mini mini version): Ok, this is giving me flashbacks. It seemed like every Friday for the entire year of 2012 we thought it would be the day to get the initial approval. Well, after six months we DID!! I never gave UP! I couldn't! We also had to wait for the final approval after the house was built even though we had closing dates. We couldn't get confirmation on our dates until we were out of underwriting and than they needed an additional 48 hours to process the paper work which meant closing on a Tuesday instead of our Friday date. So I had to reschedule everything!!!! There were many days I felt like I needed a drink and I don't DRINK! So I stuck with my Dr. Pepper!! Anyway, 2012 was definitely a roller coaster ride that I count all as JOY because we HUNG in there even with all the DRAMA!! It may not be what you want to hear, but once you get the keys CAMI all of this will turn into a blur (even though you will never forget) because there is so much to do once you get the keys.

    1. Thank you. No update yet. :( the big issue here is that the date has been changed SO MANY TIMES! Often times it would be several different dates with their accompanying opinions in a single day. It was so bad for me that eventually the branch manager stepped in and communication has improved. I'm not giving up, I promise, but damn am I just OVER THIS!