Monday, February 4, 2013

My brain hurts....

Our loan processor called today.  She just wanted to let us know what was going on with our loan and also to prepare us for the possibility that we may not close on time.  Add to that the fact that she gave us yet ANOTHER closing date is giving me quite a headache.  It was a bit contradictory if you think about it.  Here we are thinking were closing on the 15th, but then she calls to prepare us for the worse (not closing on time), yet she still gives us a possible closing date that's one day SOONER than what we were expecting.  WHA?!

They are still waiting on the appraisal, but she seemed confident it would happen this week.  I asked her if the appraisal comes in this week, would we close on time and she said it would be tight but she thinks it's possible.  She just wanted to make sure we were prepared for the worse.

So lets see, first our estimated closing was the 14th, then it moved to the 1st, then back to the 14th and then it moved to the 27th, and they changed it to the 15th after that and now were back to the 14th!  See where one might get a headache?

Really the 14th or 15th doesn't matter for me.  I can get either day off without a problem.  Mike however has to get special approval for the 15th because he is a teacher and they are not allowed to take the day before or after a holiday off and since the 18th is President's day, he would have to get special approval to take the 15th off.  Not to mention we kind of need to know soon, so they can arrange a substitute!  So really this new date (the 14th) works better for him and its fine for me too, so I am really hopeful that they can just stick to this date for good. She is supposed to call me tomorrow with a better idea of when we are expected to close.

I guess if Mike can't get the day off we will have to get a power of attorney.  Anyone have to do that before?  I would REALLY prefer that he and I were both at closing, but what if the higher ups don't approve his leave?!


  1. Wow talk about date swapping! I hope they are able to narrow it down better for you soon! They make it so hard to make plans and schedule deliveries, etc.

    Does he have to provide a note from a doctor for sick days? If it were me and they didn't approve my leave, I think I would suddenly come down with a cold or a migraine or something on that day that would require me to call out.

    1. That's a good question M, I don't know. I think it would be a little suspect if he calls in "sick" on a day he was originally asking for off. HAHA.

      I know these people are only human, so sometimes getting all the details right is difficult, but jeeze louise you would think they would have a better scheduling system! The issue is, I am getting a different date from different people!