Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Getting Real!!

Our NVR Settlement Processor called today to introduce herself!  Just one more step in the process of becoming homeowners.  She was so nice and didn't sound rushed at all, even though I am sure she has tons to do! So a big thank you to Talia!!

I also spoke with our SR today to get the down low on the FHA approvals.  She said they expect the approval this week and even if the approval were to come in on Friday, there shouldn't be any problem with closing by the second week of February like we had always planned for. She also promised to call or email as soon as she heard anything.  Fingers crossed we heard from her soon.

She also commented that she was very surprised I managed to stay away for yet another weekend.  I am pretty proud of myself for sticking to my original plan, although I will admit I was ready to make the 40 minute drive yesterday to go see it, but Mike guilt tripped me into staying home.

1 DAY, 14 HOURS, 42 MINUTES & 35 SECONDS until our walk through!

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