Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tumbleweeds... Homesite Visit - Week 3

Well there isn't much change to our home since the brief update from yesterday, but all of the other units had a lot more progress.  We visited with Mike's parents today so they could get a chance to see the model home too.  Yesterday Adam had emailed everyone and indicated there would be people working over the weekend since the weather would be excellent, but when we arrived, the place was a GHOST TOWN.  We are really bummed (yes even Mike is bummed).  We don't really expect them to work every weekend because people need some time off, we get that, but when your PM says they are working through the weekend, well hell, I expect there to be people working!

We passed another Ryan Homes community on the way to our home and there were workers all over the place working away on the homes there.  Why not ours?  I am also worried to see that our unit has practically NO work done to it at all compared to the others, which have framing done in the basement (poweder room, closet and HVAC room).  Why not ours?  Its bothersome because it makes me wonder if something went wrong with our unit.

Pretty bummed.

I took this picture to show a friend of ours how the wood was sitting on the concrete.  Apparently it has to be specially treated for this kind of contact, including the metal.

Mike and his parents in our very empty little home.

See that pipe coming out of the concrete? Its for our powder room.  I found out that the space in the concrete behind the pipe is like that because the concrete may not have been agitated enough.  Not a reason for concern.

A good indicator of how behind our unit is.  All the other units have a front to them and have framing inside.  Ours? Not so much.  Its the only one like that.

What is this for? Its partially covered by the dividing wall between units.

This is the backside of our home.

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