Thursday, November 29, 2012

T.A.C. Tile - Resolved + new meetings

Mike and I met with Deena today at T.A.C. tile in Manassas to look at the corner shelves for the roman shower in our master bathroom.  First things first, Deena was AWESOME!  Our experience today was the complete opposite of our meeting with the other person last month!

Deena showed us an upgraded soap dish as well as two sizes of corner shelves, all made from the same cast stone material.  We opted for two 8" corner shelves in the color sand.  They are going to install them right below the listello.

The little miniature corner shelf is a color sample of what we will be getting along side the tile and listello we chose.

This is the full size version of of what we got (just in a different color).  I put my hand in the photo so you could get an idea for size.

In other news, Trinity called the other day to schedule a meeting for us to come and confirm our wiring locations so they could mark them in our home.  We will meet with them on Tuesday and they said they expect it to be installed on Thursday.  Adam our PM also emailed to find out when we can come out next week to have our pre drywall meeting!  WOOHOO!  We will be meeting with him on Thursday of next week.

On my way home tonight after the appointment I drove by our house.  It was dark so I didn't take any photos, but I can confirm that all of our windows have been installed, along with our front door and our french door that leads out to the balcony.  It also looks like they have begun construction of the balcony too!  We will have to wait for Adam's weekly update tomorrow to find out what else they were able to complete this week.  I know they expected to have HVAC and plumbing begin installing this week so I really can't wait to get inside to see what they did.  Mike and I will venture out to see our SR on Saturday to make our final payment as well as get some progress photos (as usual).


  1. This is great Cami! I had taken a picture of the corner stone but could not find it. I only had a picture of the durango marble shelf that we have chosen.

    TIP: Be sure to specify the corner you them installed. I went to visit our home today and the shelves are in the correct place for the master bathroom because it's larger. When I looked at the guest bathroom shower which is much smaller the shelves over power the washing area. I kept thinking it may feel awkward being too close and would prefer it on the on end out of the way. It seems like a potential safety hazard when raising the arms or moving about during the shower. This would not be a problem if the durango shelves were the size of these stone shelves but they are larger. I have to see the PM about this tomorrow.

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  2. I'm glad you were able to get the shelves and that you had a better experience!