Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shower shelves and a new area rug

Yesterday I read another Ryan homeowner blog that talked about getting a marble or ceramic corner shelf in our roman shower. (thanks Rick and Nadase)  Mike and I have been racking our brains for a way to keep our shampoo's and soaps within reach while we shower.  We had resigned ourselves to getting one of those unsightly shelves that hangs over the shower door when I saw what Rick and Nadase had posted.  Unfortunately T.A.C. tile didn't even mention this option to us.  Add to that a less than stellar appointment to begin with and we were very disappointed.

I emailed Lauren our sales rep today to find out why T.A.C. might have left that option out during our individual meeting?  She responded promptly as usual (thanks Lauren) and explained its possible T.A.C. tile may not offer that option but she is going to call the manager there anyway to find out if its available and if its possible to add the option in.  I hope its not too late.  And if it is, I will be very upset with the T.A.C. representative for not bothering to show us other options that were available. 

On another more happier note, I have been LUSTING over an area rug I found online at Rugs USA.  Well last week they sent out an email stating that they were going to have the biggest pre black Friday sale in their 13 year history! I WAS STOKED! So on Monday I patiently waited for my email to come and FINALLY in the afternoon it did.  The sale was for 75% off tons of rugs on their website.  WOOHOO!

Mike agreed to allow me to order the rug for my birthday/Christmas present since we are on a tight budget right now.  We have all wood floors on our first level so it just makes sense to get area rugs to warm up the space and protect our floors.  So, we are now the proud owners of this beautiful new 100% wool rug!  It is 7'6" x 9'6" in the pretty color blue, that we plan to put in the dining room.  It was originally $757 and we got it for $189.25!! What a deal! 


  1. Good luck getting the shelves added. They were a last minute addition for us too because our rep at CTI didn't tell us about them. Thank goodness for bloggers!

    Awesome deal on the rug!

  2. WOW! What an exciting DEAL on the rug! MAJOR SCORE!

    Cami, I am happy the blog could you support you and I look forward to hearing back about the exciting news that your request is granted! Fingers crossed!!

  3. Our tiling people are Rite Rug, but if anyone in this situation has trouble getting a yes from Ryan (where we are, any non-standards are tough to get) try asking the tiling folks directly, they might be able to make changes or offer things Ryan can't. We haven't done this personally, but I get the impression it may be possible. Also, even if your tile people can't change things during the build a DIY shelf or soap dish should not be a big deal, even if you have to find handy friend to help or look up specifics on the internet.

    1. The issue isn't Ryan not allowing us, the issue is whether T.A.C. even offers the corner shelves. It's not my problem to deal with since its an issue of proper customer service, hence why my SR is taking care of it. We should know by Monday if T.A.C. carries the corner shelves, if they do, Ryan has already told us it will be fine if we add them this far in the process.