Saturday, November 24, 2012

Homesite Visit - Week 5

ALOT has happened since Colin's update yesterday!!  It is just so amazing what they can accomplish in a day.

We have roof paper installed and front windows (minus the first floor).  The windows were a surprise as they were not mentioned in the update email so it was exciting to see half of them installed!  Another exciting surprise was the appearance of stairs.  We knew the crew would be working on them next week but it looks like they got it done yesterday and today.  All of the units had stairs going up to at least the main level.

*WARNING*  We walked all three levels of our home today after the crew left.  When walking your home during construction, please be sure to step carefully and be aware of your surroundings at all time.  Your home is considered a hard hat area during all phases of framing so it is important that you follow all rules your PM has made to keep you safe.

That being said Mike and I broke the rules and toured our house anyway, lol.  I didn't take panoramic photos this time because it looks like they are still working on some of the framing but I plan to take some in the future once wiring and HVAC is done so we know what is behind those walls!  As you can see from the photos below, the inside was very messy, but its understandable considering how busy they have been!

Some of our windows are installed!

Window holes aren't cut out yet.  I assume its to keep it a little warmer inside.  You will also see the unit next to ours isn't wrapped.  It was at some point but it looks like the wind ripped it off.

Now we have french doors in our garage as well as 4 front doors.

A picture of the bright sun coming through the front door.

Our stairs leading up to the main level!!

This is our kitchen.  The framed space there in the corner is the pantry.

This is half of our living room.  The framed space in the back is what will be our powder room.

These are the stairs leading down to the main level from the 3rd floor.

Master bedroom

Bedroom #3

Bedroom #2

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