Saturday, November 3, 2012

Homesite Visit - Week 2

Mike and I visited our home today.  It looks like they are nearly done with getting the plumbing groundwork done.  Only unit "F' needs to be finished.

It seems like everything is coming along nicely and if they did indeed work today, it shows they are really trying to stick to a schedule.  I am assuming that is because they have an inspector coming on Monday.

I noticed two of the pipes coming out of the ground at the back of our home are broken/damaged.  It looks like it was hit with the backhoe while they were digging.  Hopefully these two pipes weren't important right?

UPDATE: I emailed Adam this morning and he got back to me right away! He said "those are utility pipes that are more for marking locations than anything else just yet.  They will eventually be for the power connection to your house and the Verizon connection, so nothing to do with any of the plumbing ground works that we are currently installing.  When those utility connections are made, new conduit will be installed."

Crisis averted.  My mom will be happy to hear this news.

So, I guess from here we just continue to watch our home be built!  The lumber arrives on Monday I think and I am hoping they will be able to pour the slab.

Here are some additional pictures I took.

From the front

Add caption

This is everything from the back of the house where the garage will be.

Our sign got knocked down. :(

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